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28 Nov 2014 - 06 Dec 2014

Las Fiestas de Quito takes place in the capital starting on November 28th with the election of the Queen of Quito and ends on December 6th with the Fellowship Parade.

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Quito hotels and tours

Bienvenidos! Welcome to Ecuador's Capital of Quito!

Ensconced in a fairy-tale setting of spectacular mountains, fiery volcanoes and verdant valleys, Quito is arguably Ecuador's most compelling city. Straddling the old and the new, the colonial and the cosmopolitan with peerless élan, Quito makes for a mesmerizing holiday. Visitors leave with delightfully heady memories of cobblestone streets, an eternal spring-like climate, mouth watering local cuisine, quaint Quito hotels, alluring marketplaces and of the milling-jostling-yet polite inhabitants.

Quito is the only city in the Americas that belongs to both the Northern and the Southern Hemispheres! The yellow line splitting the world into two halves is found here and the visit to Ecuador would ever be complete without a visit to Monument of the Middle of the World.

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Symbolizing Quito's blend of the old and the new, the city is in fact divided predominantly into two areas. The Old City, declared a World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1978, still retains its indigenous charm and is where the majority of Quito's travel highlights are located. Redolent of the city's colonial past, it is a delightful medley of crooked cobblestone streets, traditional vendors selling unusual wares and rows upon rows of old-fashioned balconies. And just as the old-world charm beguiles you into believing that you really are caught in a fairy-tale, it assaults your senses with the inescapable reality of straggling stray dogs in the streets, handicapped beggars eking their living by playing music, and tantalizing roast pigs beckoning to you from the windows. You'll also find some charming Quito accommodation options in the Old City.

After the potent charm of the historical Old Town, the New Town is a mere 20-minute walk away and is like walking into another world! Trendy cafes, high-rise office buildings, multi-story Quito hotels and international restaurant chains bring you back to the present era without much warning. Use our Quito map to get your bearings and also choose your hotel in Quito based on its location.

No trip to Quito would quite be complete without a sampling of the country's local fare, available in roadside stalls and in Quito restaurants. Those who'd rather not experiment will find consolation in the fact that the city also offers plenty of international cuisine. Indulge your palate with ceviche, a rather tangy, seafood affair that is considered the one of the country's signature dishes. And while you're at it, you may as well pack a few empanadas and sample the Pilsner style beers or the local rum.

Shopping enthusiasts can indulge their cravings at the many marketplaces throughout the city. Even if you're not a keen shopper, a visit to the market is due simply for the glimpse that it offers of the local life. The markets are the best place to shop for local souvenirs or curious little knick-knacks from around the world.

Quito is also a veritable treat for outdoor enthusiasts, culture buffs, sightseeing addicts and lovers of nature. The city offers scores of engaging Quito tours and activities, including the opportunity to study Spanish on your vacation!  Quito reputedly has the largest number of Spanish schools and sign-ups in Ecuador.

Deeply rooted in the past and yet eagerly embracing the future, Quito's paradoxical charm makes it a journey worth remembering. We are locally based and can help you find the perfect Quito hotel and Quito tour. Let us help you make the most of your Quito holiday!

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Visit one of the oldest bakeries in Quito to see and help make Ecuadorian-style quesadillas. See traditional sweets being made in a historic, family-owned business in the homes of the artisans. Taste the unique rum and whiskey-flavored sweet treats known as mistelas

Learn how to make tasty tamales and delicious empanadas in a local home near Quito’s Historic Center (Old Town).

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From: USD 169 / person
(assuming 4 travellers)

Otavalo, the awakening valley, is home to one of the most successful indigenous communities in Ecuador, the Otavaleños.  Over the centuries, despite the Incan and Spanish conquests, they have managed to maintain their cultural identify, while incorporating themselves into modern times.

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The Cotopaxi National Park tour is a full day adventure that takes you through the breathtaking Avenue of the Volcanoes high up in the Andes Mountains. The day will wind up with a visit to a beautiful lagoon located at the foot of the Cotopaxi Volcano.

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The Nono-Mindo downhill biking tour begins in the north of Quito at an altitude of 3,500 meters and descends along the EcoRuta (EcoRoute) to 1,800 meters.  This adventurous tour consists of 70.8 km of biking where we will travel down from the highlands of the Volcano Guagua Pichincha to the cloud forest of Mindo.  The area offers some of the most spectacular bird watching in the country and you will have time for occasional stops along the way if this is of interest to you.

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The Bellavista -Tandayapa cloud forest region is one of the most diverse habitats in Northwest Ecuador.  Its abundant bird species, particularly hummingbirds and trogons, make it a haven for the discriminating ornithologist.

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Hola from Quito!

Hola from Yachana...your local connection in Ecuador's illustrious capital of Quito. We are a passionate bunch of travel enthusiasts who have turned Quito upside down to find all the best accommodations and tours to offer our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality services we provide our guests and are more than willing to personalise an itinerary to mould to your idea of the perfect holiday. We can answer all your questions as you develop your trip and we will be in town when you arrive; you are welcome to drop by the office! We look forward to seeing you soon in Latin America!


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